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Get motivated. Business networking that supports women-owned businesses in their every endeavour. Get out of your pyjamas, out of the house & get going! 

"To be a forward moving force of energy in a safe environment that promises mutual respect and reciprocity to all members and guests of MIB."

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Become inspired! By other women just like you who are in your corner, cheering you on. Build relationships that help you reach your goals.

"To provide a collaborative, empowering and supportive environment that addresses the unique challenges of aspiring, emerging, semi-established female entrepreneurs."

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Believe in yourself. ... because you matter! Business networking for women has never been more accessible or easy. 

"To enhance, develop and accelerate growth for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs in a sustainable way through meetings, programs and resources."

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Welcome to all Montreal entrepreneurs!

You found it! We are an established networking group with a track record for attracting serious-minded, heart-centred businesswomen.

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As Montreal women in business, we must put marketing our products and services at the top of our to do list. or we will never find new clients. Women seeking business networking opportunities can look forward to finding everything they need and want in a networking enironment. Warning: You will make solid and lngstanding relationships that will forever change your life.

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SPEAKER: Tammy Rowland  Work Smart- Earn More™ Coach

TOPIC: "The Productive Leader: The Path of Least Resistance"

Tammy Rowland, is a life coach who supports small business owners and entrepreneurs to become more effective, productive and efficient by understanding and making shifts in their personal development. She has been a coach for almost six years, with an additional 20 years experience training and mentoring people in sales, productivity, recruiting and business building.
In her presentation on The Productive Leader, she will create awareness through a process on how our decisions and actions impact the way we lead ourselves and others.

Productivity impacts every area of our business and with this interactive workshop you will move through a challenge of your choice, through the lens of resistance and as a Self-Leader. Solid productive self-leadership has many benefits including reduced stress. 
Both informative and experiential, get ready to participate in a fun and lively session! There will be lots of time for questions. 

Location: Starbucks, 3697 St. Charles Blvd Time: 8:30 - 10:30 am Guests $15 


SPEAKER: Monique Caisse Topic: What's your Conflict Style?

What is your conflict style when you are stressed?
Learn how to identify your innate conflict style when you are stressed
Learn all five conflict styles, and how to choose the right one for the conflicts you encounter
Gain confidence and greater calm during conflict
Create positive communication, build collaboration, and increase your resilience
Monique has worked on the front line in women shelters, youth protection, suicide prevention, mental illness, grief support and family counselling. She strongly recommends prevention over dealing with crisis. She spent years guessing the “right way” to speak to a difficult person and ended up feeling like a victim herself. As a “Recovering Doormat”, she inspires others to set better boundaries and improve their communication skills.
AIKAWA, 55 Brunswick Guests: $15


In this workshop we’ll cover the algorithm of LinkedIn and successful strategies that will help you to become a power user so that you are leveraging LinkedIn through a VCP strategy: Visability + Credibility = Profitability! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

MiBBies: $25

Friends of MiB: $35

VIDEOLOVE 3-6-9 Market your business with video.

Free workshop with Renee Ouellette-Annis

Methods to attract, engage and hold the attention of the viewer so they get to know, understand and trust you and your product.


Starbucks 3697 St. Charles

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