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Get motivated. Business networking that supports women-owned businesses in their every endeavour. Get out of the house, out of the office & get going!

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      In Session with...Sonia Di Maulo

      Founder & Lead Feedback Enthusiast, Harvest Performance Author, The Apple in the Orchard and The Character Based Leader

      Tuesday April 28, 6:30-9:30 PM


Welcome to all Montreal entrepreneurs!

You found it! We are an established networking group with a track record for attracting serious-minded, heart-centred businesswomen.

Want to attract new clients? Make new contacts. Get speaking gigs? Create a resource and referral network?

As Montreal women in business, we must put marketing our products and services at the top of our to do list. or we will never find new clients. Women seeking business networking opportunities can look forward to finding everything they need and want in a networking enironment. Warning: You will make solid and lngstanding relationships that will forever change your life.

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Read what members say. Decide if MiB is right for you. MiB brings Montreal business women together in the spirit of enthusiastic cooperation and a generous sharing of business referrals.

Show off your company's best asset - You!

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Shari Reinhart
Montreal Business Networking for Women

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MiB Coffee Connections Monday May 5, 8:30-10:30 Starbucks 3697 St. Charles Blvd

Cultivating Your Juicy Self

If you are feeling pulled in many directions, uninspired, depleted or finding it difficult to live your most passionate dreams, then this seminar may just be what lights your fire. In this lively and uplifting talk you’ll discover the inner critic that is holding you back and how to break through those shackles of the past so you that you can move forward with ease and grace, connect with your passion and gifts and express those joyfully in the world!

Sharon will help you make the connection between your health issues and the choices that keep you feeling empty and depleted. She will guide you to create an action plan that will radically transform your physical, emotional and spiritual health so you can add more life-giving pleasure to your life right now!

Friday May 16, 2014 Towne Hall, 50 Brunswick Blvd. Guests: $15 

Connect and Captivate with Visual Messages

Do you worry that your marketing messages are being drowned in a vast ocean of voices all vying for attention? Do you wish you could be the Blue Fish in a sea of orange ones? 

Now it’s possible! With visual storytelling. It gets you noticed and builds your brand.
The web is a visual medium. Humans are also visual, with the human brain processing visual information 60,000 times faster than text. That means it takes only seconds for someone to form a lasting impression of you. Is your business taking advantage of that?
In this presentation, you’ll learn how to use visuals to tell stories that support your brand in a way that words alone can never do. More important, you’ll discover what to do to make your visuals look more professional, so that they inform, entertain, touch emotions and motivate action.
Are you ready for that?

Arlene Taveroff has a crazy mix of talents and experience that will give you branding solutions that really work and a know-where-you’re-going kind of confidence. For Arlene, branding works from the inside out: intuitively connecting with the soul of your business and helping you to communicate it both verbally and visually in a way that makes you feel authentic and empowered.

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