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Get motivated. Business networking that supports women-owned businesses in their every endeavour. Get out of your pyjamas, out of the house & get going!

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Become inspired! By other women just like you who are in your corner, cheering you on. Build relationships that help you reach your goals.

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Believe in yourself. ... because you matter! Business networking for women has never been more accessible or easy. 

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Welcome to all Montreal entrepreneurs!

You found it! We are an established networking group with a track record for attracting serious-minded, heart-centred businesswomen.

Want to attract new clients? Make new contacts. Get speaking gigs? Create a resource and referral network?

As Montreal women in business, we must put marketing our products and services at the top of our to do list. or we will never find new clients. Women seeking business networking opportunities can look forward to finding everything they need and want in a networking enironment. Warning: You will make solid and lngstanding relationships that will forever change your life.

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Read what members say. Decide if MiB is right for you. MiB brings Montreal business women together in the spirit of enthusiastic cooperation and a generous sharing of business referrals.

Show off your company's best asset - You!

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Shari Reinhart
Montreal Business Networking for Women

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COFFEECONNECTIONS PROGRAM: YOUR FIVE MINUTE WHY - Tell us your story, your why, your reason your how. Let's get to know each other a little better by hearing a story about you. Inspire us, make us laugh, warm our hearts, stir us up - you have 5 minutes... GO!

LOCATION: Rockaberrys, 3361 Sources Blvd

Time: 8:30 - 10:30 am

Price: Members $10 breakfast, guests $15 to attend plus $10  breakfast

MiB LUNCH PRESENTION TOPIC: Become a Better Listener...build rapport, understanding and trust

This workshop offers a variety of concrete techniques that teach proactive listening skills to demonstrate that you are truly listening, hearing and caring about your customer/client/colleague.

SPEAKER: Corrie Sirota

Towne Hall, 50 Brunswick Blvd., 

Noon - 2:00

Guests: $15

IN-SESSION WITH... MARC SAMOISETTE TOPIC: Networking: To do, Not to do, Make it work for you

Based on Michael Port's principles in Book Yourself Solid

Marc is a certified executive coach and a certified Book Yourself Solid coach personally trained by Michael Port

VIDEOLOVE 3-6-9 Market your business with video. Free workshop with Renee Ouellette-Annis

Methods to attract, engage and hold the attention of the viewer so they get to know, understand and trust you and your product.

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Sept 4 6 pm - 9 pm OR Sept 8 - 9 am - noon

Starbucks 3697 St. Charles


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